we are a service design unit.

we design experiences and innovation strategies, that based on people’s desires and their capacity to collaborate, help organisations and their environment to envision and accelerate their future impact.


we create sustainable innovation systems

we develop new mindsets and behaviors

we co-create services with the people

we engage with innovation ecosystem to expand institution’s capacity to create value


Hernán Orellana

Hernán is an electrical civil engineer. He has a vast experience as a board member of companies in various industries such as banking, retail, mining, education, among others. He has over 30 years of experience as an executive for international Information Technology companies. This enables him to contribute with his substantial expertise in technology and innovation to the formulation of business strategies. In his most recent responsibility he undertook the management of an Artificial Intelligence project as the basis for the development of a new business strategy. This role has given him practical experience from a leadership position in digital and business culture transformation processes.



Nicolás Rebolledo

Nicolás is a strategic and service designer. His academic and professional experience is related to the development and implementation of innovations in various areas (retail, banks, governments) based on a design-led approach. He was co-responsible for the conceptual design and strategy of Laboratorio de Gobierno in Chile. He has been a visiting professor at UCL School of Management and Imperial College Business School (London, United Kingdom). He is a tutor in Service Design at the Royal College of Art, where he directs the Policy Design Platform. This role allows him to engage and develop innovation projects with different actors in the service design landscape at a global level.



Juan Felipe López

Juan Felipe is a historian and has an MPA in public and social policies at LSE. His experience is in management in public and social institutions. He was the Executive Director of the NGO "Work on the Street" and chief of staff to the Mayor of Peñalolén in Chile, as well as a researcher at the Center for Cities, a British think tank. He was in charge of the conceptual design of Laboratorio de Gobierno, the first innovation lab at a national level in Latin America, where he was also its first executive director between 2015 and 2018. In this position he had practical experience creating innovation systems, designing new services and creating innovative culture in complex environments.



Michel Zalaquett

Michel is a publicist with more than 10 years of experience working in the design and management of communication strategies for public and private organizations, with an emphasis on the exploration of new media and digital formats. He has led the creation of digital media, digital campaigns and digital media. He was head of communications of Laboratorio de Gobierno in Chile between the years 2015-2018. This position allowed him to consolidate his experience in the development of integral communication strategies for organizations in competitive environments, to try different formats to engage in virtuous way with actors from different sectors.



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